The Unknown Tracks of Pirin Mountain

  • Сезон: Summer

  • Кога: 4 days, 3 nights

  • Адвенчър: 2 Adventurer

  • Трудност: 3 Hard

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The Unknown Tracks of Pirin Mountain

JULY – OCT 2020

Have you been in the most spectacular Bulgarian mountain? Join us to this unforgettable touch of Pirin away from the crowded routes and feel the difference.

Pirin rises between the deep valleys of the Struma and Mesta rivers. It is the second highest and the most alpine mountain in Bulgaria with the highest peak Vihren (2914m). The Thracians used to call it Orbelus (the snowy mountain), later the Slavs called it Pirin, called after God Perun. The range is part of a national park, with dramatic, alpine landscape with more than 180 glacier lakes. And you may see a lot of people on the marked trails but… There is much more than this. If you would like to experience that part of the mountain where you can be alone with wild goats and Mother Nature we want to share exactly this with you – Pirin in its authentic shape. Following one of our main ideas to present not so common trails we invite you to join us to this challenge – long and demanding daily routes in one of the most wild, astonishing and virgin part of Pirin. Get ready?

This program is suitable for people in a good physical condition ready to challenge themselves with the long days and serious elevation gain each of the days. If you are not sure if this program fits to you, we recommend to call us in advance and we will help you to make a decision. We know that each good mountain experience starts with a proper route choice.

This program will be performed with minimum of 4 and no more than 8 persons.

Special price for a group of 6 and more people.

*Note: A list of required equipment will be sent to you right after you sign in for this program. If you don’t have anything from it, we may assist you to get it. The most important thing for us are suitable mountain shoes.

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transfer from/back to Sofia

Mountain guide

local mountain guide


3 nights in mountain huts

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you may buy it from the huts or bring it with you


travel and mountain insurance

Personal expenses

any personal expenses


Day 1: Sofia – tourist base “Golyamata Mochara”
An afternoon transfer (about 3.5 hours) from Sofia thgouh Dobriniste village to tourist base “Golyamata Mochara”, a way inside Pirin mountain. Accommodation and dinner. This tourist base has some basic amenities.
Day 2: Tourist base “Golyamata Mochara” – Perlesh circus – Strazhite – Tevno lake
A challenging day, especially to have it as a first one, today we are going to walk through one of the less visited but really picturesque region of Pirin mountain. We will climb up several peaks before reaching Tevno Lake shelter. It is located in the heart of the mountain near by a lake surrounded by mesmerizing peaks. Duration – 9-11 hours.
Day 3: Tevno Lake shelter – Demirkapijksi chuki – Dzhano peak – Demirchal peak – Puknatoto lake – Pirin hut
Staying on the main ridge of Pirin, we are going to pass through not so familiar ridge part of it known as “the small horse” having some aero-feeling. Spectacular views are everywhere around you. Overnight stay at Pirin hut which offers some basic amenities. Duration 9-11 hours.
Day 4: Back to civilization
Following the standard routе from Pirin hut through Demirkapiiski col and Popovo lake (the biggest in Pirin mountain) we will get back to tourist base “Golyamata Mochara”. Transfer to Sofia late in the evening. Duration: 9-10 hours.


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154 EUR Full Price
See what's included?

Pay in advance -