Argentina – on the Andes’s Rooftop

  • Сезон: Summer

  • Кога: 23 days, 22 nights

  • Адвенчър: 3 Almost PRO

  • Трудност: 3 Hard

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Argentina – on the Andes’s Rooftop

December 19, 2020 – January 10, 2021

An adventure to the highest summit of North and South America with expeditionary taste and a breath of aromatic wine.

Aconcagua (6962m) is the highest peak in the Americas, as well as in the Southern and Western Hemispheres, and is also the highest extinct volcano in the world. With its nearly 7000m height, far from the civilization, climbing it is a real expedition that we invite you to embark on with us. Wild mountains, breathtaking views, thin air, high altitude camps are all part of the emotions you will experience.

Aconcagua is located on the territory of the national park, named after the summit, in the province of Mendoza, Argentina, near the border with Chile. The park was declared a protected area in 1983 and covers an area of 71,000 ha with representative Alpine ecosystems typical for the high Andes. We will make the acclimatization for the ascent on the slopes of the Cerro Plata, aiming to reach Vallecitos Peak (5461m) if weather conditions are suitable.

Along with the mountain scenery, during this trip we will be able to enjoy some of the other beauties of Argentina that make it a paradise for every traveler – wildlife, cosmopolitan cities and authentic culture. The country extends almost 3500 km in length from Bolivia in the north to the southernmost part of the continent, encompassing a wide range of climatic zones, making it extremely rich in flora and fauna.

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Price Includes


3 overnights with breakfast in Mendoza in hotel; 1 overnight with breakfast in Penitentes in pension; attention all other overnight stays are in tents


all transfers in Argentina and transportation of personal luggage 25 kg. to and from Aconcagua Base Camp, Plaza de Mulas.

Professional Guide

Professional mountain guide during the program

Price Does Not Include


Plane tickets Sofia - Buenos Aires - Mendoza

Food and drinks

estimated price for food: 50 BGN per day


travel and mountain insurance

Other expenses

any personal expenses

Options for prolongation of the program:

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Minimum number of participants - 4. Maximum - 6


Day 1
Departure (flight) from Sofia to Buenos Aires and Mendoza.
Day 2
Free day in Mendoza. The region is known as a place for one of the best producers of red wine worldwide.
Day 3
Vallecitos (2727 m) Equipment preparation and departure for Vallecitos hut (2727m.) Transfer by minibus about 2 h. Overnight stay at tents.
Day 4
Climbing Cerro Loma Blanca (3664 m) Our goal today is to improve our acclimatization by going to Loma Blanca, an easy for climbing peak. In about 1.5 hours we reach the saddle between Loma Blanca and Arenales. After another 1.5h walking, we reach the summit, which offers a panoramic view of the valley of Medos and the Potrerillos Dam. Going down the southeast ridge takes us about 2 hours to the hut, along a circular route. Overnight stay at tents. D 937 + / 937 - / Highest altitude: 3664 m / Duration: 5 h.
Day 5
Vega Superior Camp (3450 m) After breakfast we head to Camp Vega, located at the foot of the peaks of San Bernardo and Adolfo Calle. After lunch it is time for rest and additional acclimatization. Overnight stay at tents. D 723 + / 0 - / Highest altitude: 3450 m / Duration: 3h..
Day 6
Peak Adolfo Calle (4267m) Adolfo Calle is a steep summit. The climb is a zigzag path on rocky terrain. From the sharp ridge at the top there are views of the surrounding peaks of El Plata (the highest in the area), Vallecitos, El Rincon. We return to the camp in about 2 hours. Overnight stay at tents. D 817 + / 817 - / Highest altitude: 4267 m / Duration: 5 h.
Day 7
Acclimatization to El Salto Camp (4288m) Today we go to our next acclimatization camp and return for last night at Camp Vega. Overnight stay at tents. D 638 + / 638 - / Highest altitude: 4288 m / Duration: 5 h.
Day 8
El Salto Camp (4288m) Today's walk retraces what we did yesterday, reaching El Salto for our assault day tomorrow. The hardest part is the edge before the camp itself, known as "El Infiernillo" because it is steep and gets very hot on sunny days. Camp El Salto is named after a small waterfall just below it. Overnight stay at tents. D 638 + / 0 - / Highest altitude: 4288 m / Duration: 4 h.
Day 9
Summit of Vallecitos Peak (5461 m) Early morning departure for the ascent of Mount Vallecitos, which is not technical, but the altitude is noticeable. At about 5,000 m you reach the Vallesitos saddle, where Aconcagua is visible. After another hour on the edge we reach the highest point. Overnight stay at tents. D 1173 + / 1173 - / Highest altitude: 5461 m / Duration: 10 h.
Day 10
Penitentes (2630 m) Getting down about 3-4 hours to Vallecitos hut. From there, a 2.30 h transfer to Penitentes, the entrance to Aconcagua National Park. Overnight stay in a pension. D 0 + / 1561 - / Highest altitude: 5461 m / Duration: 3 h.
Day 11
Camp Confluencia (3409 m) A short morning transfer (20 min) takes us to the beginning of the trail at the entrance of the National park. Following the Horcones Valley, we reach Camp Confluence. Overnight stay at tents. D 588 + / 0 - / Highest altitude: 3409 m / Duration: 4 h.
Day 12
Camp Plaza de Mulas (4364 m) Following the impressive valley, with landscapes similar to Tibet and crossing the river several times, we reach Aconcagua's base camp, Plaza de Mulas.. Overnight stay at tents. D 955 + / 0 / Highest altitude: 4364 m / Duration: 8 h.
Day 13
Camp Plaza de Mulas (4364 m)) Rest day at base camp. Overnight stay at tents.
Day 14
To Plaza Canada Camp (4910m) Climb to Camp 1, known as Camp Canada, with stunning views of Chile and a unique sunset. Overnight stay at tents. D 546 + / 0 - / Highest altitude: 4910 m / Duration: 4 h.
Day 15
Nido de Condores Camp (5574m) Climb to Camp 2, known as the Condor Nest, located on a large plateau and with stunning views over the surrounding peaks of Mercedario, La Mesa, La Mano. Overnight stay at tents. D 664 + / 0 - / Highest altitude: 5574 m / Duration: 4 h.
Day 16
Camp Colera or Berlin - (5969 m) We move to the assault camp (Colera or Berlin, depending on the conditions and level of the group) and rest for the upcoming attack. Overnight stay at tents. D 395 + / 0 - / Highest altitude: 5969 m / Duration: 4 h.
Day 17
Aconcagua Peak (6962 m) The ultimate day - 2 hours climb to Piedras Blancas (White Stones) and through the abandoned Independencia hut (6383 m) we begin the final traverse to La Canaleta, the key passage in the climb. And here's the top! The return is through one of the lower camps depending on conditions. Overnight stay at tents. D 993 + / 993 - / Highest altitude: 6962 m / Duration: 10-14 h.
Day 18
Get down to the base camp Overnight stay at tents. D 0 + / 1605 / Duration: 4-5 h.
Day 19-20
Spare days.
Day 21
Getting back to Horcones and transfer to Mendoza. Overnight stay at a hotel. D 0 + / 1543 - Duration: 8 h.
Day 22


Ivo Stoilkov
Languages: English, German, French, Russian and Bulgarian

Mountain guide with almost two decades professional experience in leading ski touring, hiking, snowshoeing and ice climbing trips.


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2450 EUR Full Price
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