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Adventure without compromises

If you are looking for new challenges, unconventional and less popular places. If you want to escape the crowd. If you are ready to learn and expand your comfort zone in the mountain. If you need a reliable partner.

We, from Basecamp Tours, are here to share the adventure with you. Basecamp Tours is not just another travel agency, offering organized mountain hiking. We have the adventure spirit and we are ready to take you beyond the beaten paths, in the depths of the wild and unknown – because we wouldn’t take you somewhere, we don’t want to go ourselves.

Our specialty is ski touring, but we also love hiking,h igh altitude mountaineering, trail running, diving, kitesurfing and snow kite. We offer organized programs, as well as training modules, throughout which you can gain experience and be more confident and independent in the mountain.

Trust us and live your dreams with us!


Depending on whether you prefer more strictly organized schedule (програма), like surprises or you are looking for a real hardcore experience in the mountain, you can choose the program, that suits you best! You want to be led by an experienced guide or you prefer to take part in the creation of your own adventure – we have something for everyone.


Our biggest passion are the winter adventures, and for that reason we offer a ski touring and avalanche safety trainings for the ones entering the demanding winter mountain. Our guides have years of experience in ski touring and will share practical tips to help you get ahead in this increasingly popular activity, in order for you to feel the freedom and thrill of free-riding.


Here you will find the main categories, in which all adventures from travelling to distant lands, to preparatory trainings and races from the rank of Pirin Extreme and Pirin Ultra are placed.

  • Alpinism


    Higher and further than the traditional hiking trails. The genuine thrill of climbing majestic peaks amidst the thin air and in the company of a trusted guide.

  • Diving


    An unknown world below sea level. A world of silence, full of unsuspected life forms.

  • Fly Fishing

    Fly Fishing

    A unique activity for true enthusiast which combines experiencing wild nature with the thrill of catching the big fish. Fly fishing requires not only patience, concentration and strength, but also elegance and finesse.

  • Trainings


    Shared experience and practical tips for a more fulfilling and safe mountain experience. Keeping up with the new trends and equipment for tourism and mountain sports.

  • Ski Touring

    Ski Touring

    A different sense of the winter mountain, far away from the crowds, among untouched snowy slopes. All this reached on your own strength.

  • Hiking


    Classical two-foot walking. Mountain trekking to high peaks with magnificent views and an expeditionary taste.

  • Heli Skiing

    Heli Skiing

    Much more than powder, in the company of the best guides and pilots. Slopes and faces you probably didn’t even dream about will make this day, the best day of your life.

  • Races


    When reaching beyond your limits is not enough. Challenges in which you give the best of you, to the fullest, and then the mountain gives you strength to give even more.

  • Running


    Maximum experience for minimum time. Skyrunning offers a great way to discover the mountains testing your endurance, motivation and concentration.

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Some adventures are more special than others. Reaching non-standard destinations or trips, which we organize less frequently. Trips, which are hard to organize by yourself, yet being with experienced guides makes the experience more pleasant and secure. Learn more below:

  • Races

    Pirin Ultra 160K

    The brutal 160K distance of Pirin Ultra. A race with more than 11000 positive climb, which is definitely not for every one. A qualifier for Hard Rock 100.
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    from €75

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  • Races

    Pirin Ultra 66K

    A real Pirin Ultra classic - the 66K distance.Now with a limit of 20 hours and for the first time - in reverse direction.
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    from €65

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  • Races

    Pirin Extreme 38K

    The toughest and most challenging race course part of Pirin Ultra - Pirin Extreme 38K. Part of Migu Run Skyrunner World Series 2020.
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    from €55

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  • 13-26 Feb 2021
    Ski TouringDifficulty: 2 Moderate

    Canada – Skiing in the Heart of British Columbia

    An adventure in one of the most emblematic ski touring destinations in the World. Jump into the deep snow with us and be part of the big game. Ready?
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    2425 EUR

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